WTT Champions Frankfurt 2023 A Spectacle of Lights and Emotions in Frankfurt

World Table Tennis
From October 29th to November 5th, the city of Frankfurt played host to the pinnacle of table tennis excellence – the WTT Championship 2023, amidst the intense rallies and fierce competition, a groundbreaking project unfolded, transforming the tournament into a mesmerizing blend of sports and visual artistry.

A Main LED, featuring a distinctive Octagon cutout entrance, dominated the scene, while perimeter LEDs encircled the table tennis court, immersing players and spectators alike in a sea of vibrant lights.

Each day brought forth a new dimension to the experience with captivating light shows, each themed around the elemental forces of Fire, Water, Terra, and Electric. These daily spectacles added a dynamic layer to the championship, creating an atmosphere that transcended the boundaries of conventional sports events.

Players made their entrances, with specially crafted Walk-On Videos, seamlessly introducing each athlete with visuals.


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