Kitz Race Club Elevating the venue with cutting edge technology and design

WWP Weirather-Wenzel & Partner GmbH
Date – 2024
Location – Kitzbühel, Austria
Photo credits – Jorrit Lousberg
Faber enhances the VIP experience at the Kitz Race Club, an exclusive pop-up venue for the prestigious Hahnenkamm races in Kitzbühel. Our design and technology solutions, created a top-tier atmosphere for the guests.

LED Sphere

The LED Sphere is an indoor LED sphere measuring 2 meters in diameter, with a pixel pitch of 4 millimeters.

Taking Kitz Race Club to new heights through technology and design

The Hahnenkamm races in Kitzbühel are among the highlights of the ski season. Exclusively for these races, the Kitz Race Club, a pop-up location near by the slope is constructed. It serves as a special venue where VIP guests gather before, during, and after the races. A space where hospitality, entertainment, and networking come together.

In collaboration with WWP Weirather-Wenzel & Partner, Sightline Productions and Faber Creative Services Germany, we designed the venue and created all the content for this event. Elevated the event’s concept, from stage design to graphic elements. Additionally, we made the technical translation. We realized all the technical aspects, ranging from technical drawings to selecting the suitable technology. Ultimately, we were on-site responsible for the full production and direction of the event.

Innovations in video applications

The Kitz Race Club’s stage design showcased an array of cutting-edge LED applications. The standout features were the 2-meter diameter LED spheres, serving as captivating centerpieces that effortlessly drew attention. To accentuate the stage, ROE Vanish 8 panels were mounted around the podium, creating a unique effect in combination with the glossy floor.

Behind the stage, a 15 m2 LED backdrop, displayed dynamic visuals. On the left and right side of the stage were 2x 60 m2 LED screens, each displaying stunning 8k content, build with Upad 2.6 panels. Hanging above the audience in the middle of the venue was a 4 x 4 meter LED cube, constructed with ROE Vanish 8 panels.

Next to the LED, we provided the venue with 25 displays, where people could watch the different races.

To manage all of the video content, 3x PIXERA Four QUAD RS media servers and 3x Barco Folsom E2 were deployed, ensuring seamless control and delivery of high-quality visuals throughout the event.

Live registration for unmissable moments

Our involvement extended beyond visual installations. We were also responsible for the live registration of the performances. We filmed and broadcasted the acts live on the screens. For this service, we provided the cameras, skilled camera operators, and a portable production unit for seamless directing.

A complete audiovisual package

Next to video, we were also responsible for the audio, lighting, rigging and motion. We delivered a lighting and audio, design, creating a unique visual and acoustic experience for the audience. Special was the setup during the night. Double printed gauzes with lighting behind it created a stunning visual effect, especially in combination with the 40 moving mirror balls and the large LED Spheres.

In total 25 crew members were responsible for setting up the venue and all operations during the show.


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