Roche 125 years - Celebrate Life An immersive audio-visual journey across the Basel skyline

JEFF Zürich
Roche's 125th anniversary wowed with a colossal video mapping on their Basel HQ, turning the skyscraper into a dynamic 3D canvas.

Creative Services

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Our Client

The creative agency Jeff developed the idea and concept for the display for the 178-meter-high Roche headquarters skyscraper in Basel.

Creative Services

The Creative Services team was responsible for creating the captivating content design under the direction of Jeff Agency.

Video mapping

Roche marked its 125th anniversary with an extraordinary video projection. The iconic 178-meter-tall Roche headquarters skyscraper in Basel became a canvas for a stunning illumination from multiple angles. This radiant projection, visible from several kilometers away, showcased the vibrancy and diversity of life.

The Creative Services team was responsible for crafting the captivating content design. They also managed the intricate installation and playback of the 3D mapping on the building’s façade. Over the course of 13 minutes, this experience transported both on-site visitors and a global online audience to an immersive audio-visual journey. The Basel community was treated to four nights of this spectacular 3D animation, harmoniously accompanied by a specially composed Roche anthem that added a musical dimension to the occasion.


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