KION Executive Summit 2020 Empowering management through innovation, engagement and dynamic presentations

The Kion Management Summit 2021, held in Wiesbaden, went beyond conventional corporate gatherings – the event aimed to inform, energize, and captivate. Our Creative Services team played a key role in crafting an engaging experience.

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The Kion Management Summit 2021, held in Wiesbaden, once again showcased the Kion Group’s commitment to inspiring and empowering its management team. Beyond communicating the facts and figures, this year’s summit embraced innovation and engagement.

At the heart of the event was a stunning 24-meter wide LED wall, which served as a dynamic backdrop. The Creative Services team designed content for the LED wall, incorporating real-time generated content to make the presentations more dynamic. To further elevate the experience, financial reporting was presented as 3-dimensional graphs within the audience, adding an extra dimension to the presentations.

Creative Services took charge of providing all media content, speech support, and video productions for the two-day summit. They efficiently managed the entire media playout, including several pre-programming sessions. Resulting in a truly captivating experience for the attendees.

Image left Statistics shown with Augmented reality
Image right Augmented reality content on stage
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